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Just in time…

Just in time for the end of the year, I’ve released five new bowls. There are some more, but I am offering them to the people who gave me the trees they came from. It’s so nice to make something out of a tree that has meaning to someone.

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Took a break

2021 has not been terribly productive for me when it comes to BFF. I had to spend some time on my main studio, including a renovation there, and some art projects. As the world reopened, I also spend a lot of time at kids sports. All of which kept me away from the lathe. I’m back with a small batch of four bowls. Thanks everyone.

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What holiday?

Thanks to a big push and a matching donation, December became a very busy month here at BFF. I ended up making more than thirty bowls and you donated another $7,000 for the hungry, and all that is before the match, which was another $2,500!

I’m going to slow down production a little, as I need to recuperate and catch my breath. I’m also going to invest in a dust collector, as sawdust seems to be clogging everything around me, including my brain.

Fear not, however, as I will still be making more bowls. I have a lot more wood to turn, and there are a lot more hungry people out there.

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That was fast!

I knew there were a lot of people waiting for me to post that batch of bowls, but I had no idea how quickly they would go. Sixteen bowls totalling $2,000 in donations were adopted within three hours of my posting about their availability.

If you didn’t manage to get one, I will be making bowls non stop for a couple of weeks. You can also make a request and I’ll let you know how much to donate in advance.

I am really moved by all the enthusiasm. It reaffirms what I have been working towards with this project.

Thanks again to everyone.

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New Year Push

With so much attention in the last few weeks, I have been pushing very hard to produce a lot of bowls. The batch released today is the biggest yet, and I’m hoping to release at least another 20 before the end of the year.

Please note: When I publish a bowl for adoption it only has the first of three coats of finish. Bowls ordered now will not arrive by Christmas, and may not arrive by New Years Day.

Thanks you!

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BFF In the News

The local newspaper in Gardner, Massachusetts wrote this really nice article about Bowls for Food. Thanks to Stephen Landry for writing the article and to a BFF fan for alerting him to what we have been up to. The real credit, though, goes to all of you who have donated to food banks around the country.

Photo credit: Celeste Mittelman

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A little over six months ago I posted on Facebook that I had some bowls that I would send out if people donated to their food banks. The first day you all donated over $700.

A few weeks ago I set the goal of hitting $10k in total donation by the end of the year. Then I decided I wanted to do it by Thanksgiving. You did it. As of November 24, 2020 the total donations to food banks by Bowls For Food participants surpassed $10,000

Thank You.

There is still so much to do, and so much hunger in the US right now. But for a moment, everyone who has donated should feel like they have helped someone in this terrible time.

Here are all the recipients of your donations:

Alameda County Community Food Bank, Arlington EATS, Ashburnham Food Pantry, Beyond Hunger, Bridges Outreach, Brookline Food Pantry, Canton Area Helpline Inc, Central Texas Food Bank, Commonpoint Queens, Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona, Dedham Food Pantry, Elizabeth Peabody House, Food Bank for New York City, Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano, Food Bank of Hudson Valley, Food Bank of Iowa, God’s Love We Deliver, Good Shepard Food Bank, Greater Boston Food Back, Greater Boston Food Bank, Harvest on Vine, Hoosier Hills Food Bank, Idyllwild HELP Center, Los Angeles Regional Food Bank , Marshfield Food Pantry, My Brother’s Table, Nashua Soup Kitchen and Shelter, New Hampshire Food Bank, Norwood Food Pantry, Oregon Food Bank, PADS, Philabundance, Pittsburgh Food Bank, Prescott-Joseph Center for Community Enhancement, SF Marin Food Bank, San Diego Food Bank, St. Joseph’s Church Food Pantry, The Coachella Valley Rescue Mission, The Ecumenical Community Food Pantry of Norwood, The Food Bank of Western Mass, The Open Door, The Sharing Cupboard, Toni’s Kitchen, United Way of Tri-County, Utah Food Bank, Walpole Community Food Pantry, Wayside Food Programs, West Side Campaign Against Hunger, Westside Food Bank, Weymouth Food Pantry, Woman to Woman at Food Bank For New York City, Yachats Food Pantry

Thanksgiving may not be a universally celebrated holiday, but this year I can say thanks for being a part of Bowls for Food, and for getting $10,000 to places and people who need it.

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$10k goal

With the amazing donations by all the great people who have adopted bowls from Bowls for Food, you gave over $8,000 to food banks around the country.

At the beginning of November I decided to challenge myself to $10k in total donations by the end of the year. I got to work making bowls and mentioned it on Facebook.

Wow did you all respond. As of this date we are over $9,000. Maybe we can achieve this goal by Thanksgiving. I can’t think of a better way to mark the date.