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A new batch!

Thank you for keeping me so busy! Last week you donated just short of $1,000 in just over 24 hours. Can we beat that this week?

I hoped to complete ten bowls this week, and I almost made it. Nine new bowls are up, and I hope you enjoy them.

There is a new process for adopting a bowl that looks a lot like a regular store but fear not you still pay by making a donation to your local food bank. Choose your bowl, enter your shipping information, and check out. You will be given the email address to send documentation of your donation.

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I am sure you are all glad to know that as the result of hours of work all of the bowls that were adopted last week have now been shipped. They will arrive at different times depending on where you live but we hope they all arrive soon.

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Working hard

W know that most of you are waiting for either your bowls to be sent or new bowls to be available. There is good news for both of those groups, we are working hard to put the finishing touch on already adopted bowls. We are also turning new ones and the next wave will be available by at least Friday. Thank you for your patience right now and we hope you enjoy all of our bowls, past, present, and future.