About BFF

There are many people that are struggling during the COVID-19 quarantine. I wanted to find some way to help. During this period I have time, and I have creative energy, and I have lots of wood left over from my primary art practice.

I’m turning wood bowls. I’m turning a lot of wood bowls.

I don’t have a use for all of these bowls, but maybe I can turn them into help for people who are struggling.

Or maybe we can.

Here is the idea: Look through the bowls I have made and find one you like. Make the suggested donation to a food pantry, food bank, or any other service that helps people who are food insecure. Send me a picture of donation receipt. I’ll mail you the bowl.

I’ll even pay for the shipping costs (US only).

If you don’t know of a food bank, my favorite is The Greater Boston Food Bank.

So take a look at the bowls I have made. If you see one you would like to have, make a donation and get a bowl.

If you don’t see one you want, subscribe to the newsletter or follow the Bowls for Food Facebook page. That way you will know when new bowls become available.