Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t see any bowls available. What should I do?

Demand has been overwhelming for my bowls since I began this project. I have a limited amount of time to dedicate to turning new bowls, so I ask for some patience. You can subscribe to our newsletter or you can like or follow the Bowls for Food Facebook page where I post when new bowls are available. Check back to the available bowls page and see if something has been listed. Please wait until you see a bowl available. I am unable to take requests, reservation, or pre-orders.

How do I get a bowl? What is the process?

  1. Check the available bowls page for a bowl that you can adopt.
  2. Click the “add to cart” button and go through the checkout process.
  3. Enter the shipping address and complete the checkout.
  4. You will receive an email with instructions on where to send your proof of donation.
  5. Make a donation to the food bank or food pantry of your choice and email a copy of the receipt to the address specified in the email.
  6. I will pack up and ship the bowl within a week.

I already made a donation, can I still get a bowl?

First, thank you for your generosity and understanding of food insecurity. I ask people to make a donation in addition to what they have already given when adopting a bowl. The goal is to prompt people to do more than they would have otherwise, so I am not accepting previous donations.

Can you make a salad bowl? Are your bowls food safe?

The largest bowl I can make on my lathe is about eleven inches, which is usually too small to be a salad bowl. I put several coats of furniture finish on my bowls, so they are as food safe as a typical dining table. The bowls are not heavy duty, however, and are usually more for decoration or fruit storage.

How much is the suggested donation?

Most of the bowls have a suggested donation of between $100 and $200. You can always donate more, and the food bank will be helped even more!

I saw a bowl I liked. Can you make another one like it?

Due to overwhelming demand I can’t keep track of all the requests that come in. You can still request something, and it might inspire me to make another of that style if I have the proper woods, but I can’t reserve it for you.

Can I support Bowls for Food directly?

Thank you so much for the thought. The time, effort, and money I put into this project is my contribution to helping with food insecurity. I try to keep the donations flowing where they are most needed, which is local food banks and food pantries.

I have some trees or wood, could you use them?

I have a very limited amount of storage space for wood to dry, which typically take a year. As a result, unless it is a burl or some otherwise unusual wood, I cannot take wood donations.